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Kremezzat GmbH was established in Vienna in the year 2001, specialized in organic and healthy drinks, functional foods and food supplements using its own innovative recipes. The founder of the company Dr. Ibrahim Ezzat is an Austrian Egyptian pharmacist who is specialized in biotechnology and innovative new formulas. Dr. Ezzat is the Chairman and major share-holder. He was awarded the highest decoration of honor from the President of Austria in 1998.organic

In 2008, a standalone production and trade branch for food and drink was created. KremEzzat Drinks Production Ltd created their own organic energy drink with ginseng “MY E. Bio”, which is unique in this drinks segment. “MY E. Bio” has the Austrian and the European organic certification and is a partner of Bio-Austria and member at the vegan society.

In 2009, “MY E. Bio” was introduced to the Austrian market and has been available at about 50 health food shops in Austria. After a successful presentation at Bio-Fach in Nurnberg, one of the biggest organic trade shows in Europe, “MY E. Bio” was introduced to several other European markets in 2010 (now available in Slovenia, Greece, France & Estonia).

The MY E Bio is now registered in some middle east countres (Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia & Sudan).

After the successful international launch of the organic “MY E. Bio Energy Drink” and the “MY E. Bio Cola”, KremEzzat has introduced two new products in 2013 to the “MY E. Bio” range, namely “Fruity Bears” and “Honey Bees”; two fruit gum varieties, in 2014, the the development of an organic drink for children and VEGAN fruity bears are in process.

In 2012 KremEzzat has launched a second very innovative product range: Natural effervescent tablets “By Dr. E.” which are considered the first products in the world to introduce herbs and plant extracts in effervescent form. They introduce to the users adequate dosage in a pleasant and fizzy fruity taste of the different beneficial herbs and plant extracts to gain health out of nature, which are available now in Austrian pharmacies.

As a sideline, KremEzzat also deals with the export of Austrian products to Arabic countries (i.e. Schneekoppe). (See www.by-dr-e.com)